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  • Quick and service-minded translation agency.

    Copypanthers helped us translate our website to English and Norwegian. We got extremely great and quick service. We had a very short timeframe to get the website translated. That Copypanthers was quick with the translation and could do it right in the HTML code meant that we saved a lot of time and got the site up in time. Afterwards, I've hired them for other translation jobs and have always been met with very quick and good service. I can heartily recommend Copypanthers to others.

    Lars-Gunnar Haedge
    — Lars-Gunnar Haedge 5 days ago
  • Quick as a panther!

    I was shocked at how fast it took to get my texts translated to eight different languages. The response was exactly as you would want, and, in all honesty, I can expect that the quality on the translations are as good as everything else.

    Björn Sjöblom
    — Björn Sjöblom 3 weeks ago
  • Unbelievably pleasant and professional

    Not only is Copypanthers unbelievably pleasant and professional to work with, they are very flexible and always deliver top quality. Every time we've worked together on a project, we've always been satisfied with the result and are continuously a returning customer.

    Anna Holmberg
    — Anna Holmberg 3 weeks ago
  • Well-prepared interpreter

    I booked an interpreter with Copypanthers in connection to my high school trip to Istanbul. We had good communication with Copypanthers the whole time. They asked many questions about the task, which consisted of translating an NGO briefing about current political events in Turkey. There, we encountered a well-prepared interpreter who was up to the task.

    Christian Rye Hougaard
    — Christian Rye Hougaard 3 weeks ago
  • High quality work!

    We are highly satisfied of Copypanthers services. We warmly recommend it to others, who are in a need of translations or proofreading services. Copypanthers is checking our international surveys and I can always trust that there are no mistakes after Copypanthers has approved it. John Raunio Cint AB

    John Raunio
    — John Raunio 4 weeks ago
  • Translation that adds value

    Used Copypanthers for translation of our Swedish site to English. I've gotten some really positive feedback from English native speakers that think the text is easy to read, very suitable for sales/marketing and communicative! :-)Sture Johansson, Senior Consultant at Hamrin & Partners

    Sture Johansson
    — Sture Johansson 1 month ago
  • Great service and quality

    I hired Copypanthers to translate 700 000 words of content for an e-shop from Swedish to Norwegian using their Bulk SEO translation service. They got choosen because their price and guarantees on the job. Now we have choosen to expand the work to all other markets. They kept our deadline and we and the google spider are very happy with the results..

    Edward Roldan
    — Edward Roldan 1 month ago
  • Fast and high quality content

    We have been working with Copypanthers for about a year and I think that the cooperation is working very good. They are fast and can do pretty much everything related to content. We have our own project manager that handles all orders, deliveries and communicaiton. I should also mention that one gets a high level of flexibility as a client.

    Magnus Foss
    — Magnus Foss 1 month ago
  • Personal, professional and fast

    We have been using Copypanthers for minor translations, but now choose to use them for much bigger translations. We trust them 100%.

    Lars Jørler
    — Lars Jørler 1 month ago
  • VIP service

    I have been using Copypanther's translation services to several languages for my clients. Both me and my clients have been very happy with the results. The translation is of high quality and delivery always on time.

    Martin von Pfaler
    — Martin von Pfaler 1 month ago

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