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What are headers?

Headers are also known as header tags. It is the same as a page title, which should describe what the page is about. A header 2 is a sub heading and used to sub categorize the text, and are more important than the text itself for the search engine. Header provides a sequence of importance to the text. The higher the header number is, the more important it is compared to the lower header number. A header starts from h1 and goes up all the way to h6. So basically h2 is a subcategory of header h1, and h3 is subcategory of h2.

What are the technical rules for header tag?

  • Every page should have a H1 (page) header, use this tag only once
  • The H1 should be the exact keyword of your page, nothing more and nothing less
  • Depending on the length of your text you should our experience shows you have to use two (300 word text) or three (500+ word text)
  • Each H2 should have the exact keyword as part of a sentence
  • If your text is longer than 500 words, it is advised to use H3 headers to give structure to the text
  • H3 headers should contain your sub keywords
  • For product pages, always start your H1 header with the product name and then the product brand (you don’t want to confuse the spider)

How to write killer html header tags

Be sure to stick to the technical rules, next to that you want to make sure the headers give a very clear structure to the text. Anyone who had read the text should remember the content by just re-reading the headers.

Why is a header so important

Headers give an extremely clear signal to search engine spiders, by not using the technical rules specified above we see 40-70% worse performance in the SERP.


If you are interested to learn more about headers you might want check the links below.

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How to use a header in SEO

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