How to carry out an internal review

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What is an internal review?

The internal review of a translation or SEO project is the last step of the project, carried out just before its delivery to a client.  The internal reviewer is the “third set of eyes” looking at texts after these have been translated and proofread.  An internal review should be short (not longer than 5-10 minutes), concise (always check for certain standard points) and find a definite answer to the basic question:  “Can I deliver the work to the client with a 100% satisfaction guarantee? Yes or no?”
  • If yes, what rating will the client give the work on a scale of 1 ‐ 5 (where 5 is best)?  (Your score will reflect on the proofreader).  Report your rating to your Panther PM and you are done!
  • If no, we have a problem! Please contact your Panther right away and explain why.
Internal review

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Internal review for translation projects

You can scan read the text to get the gist of the text:  its context, tone, language and purpose (make sure your spell check is on so that you can detect any grammar or spelling mistakes right away).  As a next step, you can make sure that the following standard points are always checked.  However, it is not necessary to proof the entire text (since it has already been proofread).  For checking your standard points, you can pick out certain text passages and carry out a random examination of the following points
  • Typos, grammar mistakes (sentence structure, direct translations)
  • Capitalization of titles
  • Adequate tone
  • Language localization
  • Number formatting (dates, fractions, etc.)
  • Consistent spacing of the text, general text formatting

The translation review process

  • The first review encompasses only first 20% of the text.  The second and third reviews comprehend 30% and 50% of the text respectively.
  • Mistakes should never be changed in the target document,
  • instead, they shall be flagged in the document or terminology sheet that you receive from the Project Manger,
  • and communicated by phone or e-mail.
  • You can only edit the your corresponding column in the terminology sheet.

What are the most common translation mistakes?

  • Direct translations
  • Wrong style/ tone for the intended target audience
  • Wrong/ inappropriate terminology
  • Formatting errors, e.g. punctuation, number formatting, date formatting, capitalization rules of the target language.

Internal review for SEO projects

Being texts, SEO projects should be reviewed in the same ways as translation projects.  The difference with SEO texts is that your Panther project manager might have case-specific details that need to be checked as well.  Before doing an internal review for an SEO project, please make sure to contact your Panther project manager for additional details such as:
  • Keyword density
  • Character count for meta titles and meta descriptions, if necessary
  • Possible intentional typos of certain keywords or phrases
  If you want more helpful information, check out our Resources page!

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