The fact is – all websites have problems.  That is why qualitative user testing is an important part of creating and maintaining any website. Userlabs are essentially:
  • 3-5 people are selected from a target audience
  • Prescribed tasks are performed and the website is toured
  • Testing process is guided by facilitators
  • Goal: to discover useful information
  • Approx. 40 mins/test
  • Recorded with screen recorder and microphone

How do we do it?

  • Goals are set together with you, the client
  • Testing is at our premises
  • Testing is recorded with screen recorder and microphone
  • 30-50 min testing
  • Main findings and are delivered with suggestions on how to fix them
E-Shops For an online store there are some basic scenarios that are commonly used. Together with the client, we tailor usability tests to suite your site. Usability testing intangible products and services Usability testing E-shop B2B Usability testing E-shop B2C

Brands & Producers

Your website represents your company as a whole and serves customers and clients in different ways, alongside possible e-shops or physical locations. Usability testing brand and producer websites

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