What does SEO refer to?

SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is a set of tools and skills used to fine tune pages so that they rank higher in the search engines’ results.  Two of the main SEO activities are keyword research and link building.  After a keyword has been researched and found, it is taken into account when writing content texts for websites.  Here, we will focus on the first and easiest of SEO articles – Basic SEO articles.

Basic SEO articles 

Grammatically correct and typo free texts. Basic SEO articles are simple texts, and they are usually intended for machines and not for human readers.  The most important feature of Basic SEO articles is that they should be 100% grammatically correct and free of typos.  On our English Translation page you can read an example of a Basic SEO article consisting of approx. 80 words underneath the heading “English translation”.

Time management (research/ writing ratio)

Basic SEO articles require either very little or no research at all.  You should spend around approx. 90%-100% of your time writing your article and, if needed, an absolute maximum of 10% researching your topic.


The Don’ts!

Duplicate content

When you have similar or even identical content on several pages on a website, it will not make your site appear more extensive or informative; instead, the duplicate content penalty of search engines might kick in.  Your articles will be placed on live websites and if your content is not unique, then said websites could be penalized.  To avoid this, please make sure your articles always consist of unique texts, i.e. original texts written by you and not copy & pasted from elsewhere.

Not respecting the word count

The length of SEO articles is an important parameter for search engines.  Generally long pages (i.e. 1,500-2,000 words or more) are not favored, or at least better rankings can be achieved if you have 3 short (500-1,000 words) articles rather than a long article.  Because the word count is very important, please always make sure to keep the word count of your articles according to your Project Manager’s instructions.  


Do you know…

SEO article types

If you need help to answer the questions above, please visit our Resources page and our FAQs for Training Lessons to find more answers.

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