In this lesson you will be trained to edit a text as Edit 1. While doing so, you will also learn how to use the translation cloud XTM, the software we use for all of our translation projects. Your Panther will create an account for you in XTM and send you more information about it.

There are three important steps in basic translation:

  • Machine translation
  • Edit 1
  • Edit 2
1) In the first step, the text gets translated by a machine. As you might have experienced before, machine translations are usually not great. Their only function is just to give an idea about the text, help you out with terminology and make it faster to type the translation. 2) After that, the translated text will be edited by a translator. The most important things of editing the text are to focus on:
  • grammar
  • spelling mistakes
  • make sure that the translation is NOT directly translated
  • make the text smooth and readable in the target language
3) After Edit 1, the text will be edited a second time by a trained and approved proofreader. Before starting, please read through these pages: –Terms & ConditionsTranslation rulesResources page

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