Blog setup checklist

Mistakes that could have been easily prevented; we’ve been there and done that. This blog setup checklist provides an overview of what to check to make sure your the blog setup is delivered in pristine quality.

After all the content is staged, you start from the top and either make the changes immediately or make screenshots of what has to be changed.

1. Anything that jumps out?
  • Language: all pages are in one (and the same) language
  • Images:  nothing stretched
  • Videos: all working
  • Widgets: no errors

2. Let’s dig deeper into the blog setup checklist
  • Menu and links: click and see if they are correct (i.e. no 400+ or 500+ error codes)
  • Backlinks: no external links with ‘follow’ (e.g. ‘This website was created with xx theme’ in the footer”)

  • Permalinks: we want ‘’, not ‘ ‘

3. The final touches
  • Meta title and description: use this website to check if they are provided and correct (i.e. not showing standard content like ‘Just another Site site’)
  • Alt tags: use this website to check per page if all images have alt tags.

Our Panthers love setting up blogs, let us help you with your blog setup. We provide a full setup right in your WordPress.

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Blog setup checklist

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