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Copywriting SEO texts have to be short and sweet.  This means that they have to be written in a short, concise form and convey, in a precise manner, only the most important information that is required.  In other words, they should not contain irrelevant text only for the sake of increasing the article’s word count.  “Sweet” means in this case that the article’s tone has to be “selling”, i.e. from a marketing point of view, these articles must contain features that attract buyers of a product.

“Selling” features of a Copywriting Text

But what exactly are “selling” features of a text?  Here’s a list of some selling features:
  • speak directly to the reader and address them as “you”
  • use “your” as a possessive pronoun, e.g. instead of writing “Translate a website!” write “Translate your website!”
  • include “call for action” statements.  You can achieve this by using verbs in their imperative form and invite readers to take immediate actions.  E.g. instead of writing “Our gadget is very successful on the market” write “Our unique gadget is selling out quickly!  Don’t miss out, buy it now!”
  • use adjectives with positive connotations such as “awesome”, “powerful”, “efficient”, etc.
  • the article should convey only the most important information that makes it fulfill its purpose:  to market and sell a product.
  Tip: to get the right tone, imagine that you, as a seller, are pitching a product to potential buyers.  Your product is awesome and you are powerful and in control.  Convince your audience with your impressive selling skills!  

The Don’ts!

Writing just for the sake of filling up a word count. A huge no-no!  Always make sure that as many “selling” features as possible are present in your text. Use language with negative connotations The tone of a Copywriting SEO text should always be positive and make readers feel empowered.  Its language and content should not refer to ideas that evoke negative experiences.  


Do you know…

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  • Where to find texts that can help you find the right tone?

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