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SEO strategy

SEO texts can have different levels of quality.  The end result is directly proportional to the overall effort that was put into creating the text, i.e. its keyword research, text editing and spell check.  For obtaining the best results, you need to follow an SEO strategy.  Our in-house SEO experts conclude: “The higher the quality of an SEO text, the less evident it appears that it is an SEO text”.

Our SEO strategy – keep a balanced connection between SEO, high quality texts and keyword research

For high quality SEO texts, the best SEO strategy is to do an intensive keyword research first.  For example by using the Google keyword tool.  Then you can start building your text around your chosen keyword(s) or phrases.  Limiting your SEO strategy to just using keywords according to an optimal keyword density is not enough.  Besides, the overuse of keywords having exact matches can be detrimental to your SEO text.  The answer to avoiding this consists of using related terms and words which are semantically close.  Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a method that enables search engines to recognize which field or area your content belongs into. For example: an article on SEO writing contains the word “research”.  It may be unclear for a search engine whether this article has to do with “medical research”, “historical research”, etc.  In order to disambiguate its context and meaning, search engines rely on related terms and synonyms.  If words such as “SEO” or “ranking” also appear in the text, then the search engine can ‘understand’ that yours is an article about “keyword research”. Regardless of SEO criteria, a high quality text that is informative and useful for its readers will always contain words that belong to the same “field” of a topic.  Therefore, its words are interlinked in meaning with each other.  An informative text is automatically also an ideal SEO text.  With LSI, search engines have algorithms with the ‘intelligence’ to recognize and group content accordingly.  Remember:  you have to keep your SEO strategy constantly updated.  It is still unclear how exactly search engines work and what future developments will be.  Ultimately, the best SEO strategy is not just to stick to SEO writing guidelines.  You also have to take care of producing high quality articles with actual, real and informative content. Visit our Resources Portal to learn more about SEO writing!

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