How to post a WordPress blog

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Search engines love new and unique content.  Posting a WordPress blog regularly will help raise your web page’s rankings.  Just follow the next 4 steps for a quick tutorial and be ready to publish your first blog post in WordPress in 90 seconds! 1. Type the domain of your blog (for example, in this case “”) in the URL and add “/wp-login.php” or set up an account here if you haven’t signed up already. WordPress blog 2. Type in your username and password and click on “Log In”. 3. Once you’ve accessed your WordPress account, click on “Post” from the menu on your left… WordPress blog 4. …and on “Add new”. WordPress blogs3 Congratulations!  You are now ready to share your knowledge with the world by publishing your very own blog!

Some important features of your WordPress blogs

In order to fulfill the current SEO criteria, please keep in mind that your posts must contain certain special features.  Sticking to these features will make your blog posts comply with SEO requirements.  First and foremost, remember that every text you post must be unique.  This cannot be stressed enough.  Using the same text repeatedly and just replacing a few words here and there will not make your blog post unique and useful for improving your page rankings.  Another criterion concerns the length of your text:  the recommended minimum number of words for each of your blog posts is 300 words.  Another important feature is the use of keywords in your texts.  Find out more about how to use keywords appropriately by visiting our pages related to keywords in the links below! Here are some more helpful links:

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