Page staging checklist

When staging a new page you want to make sure everything is correct for your visitors. This page staging checklist will help you not to make the same mistakes others made so many times. The basics
  • Is it clear: can you see what this page is about within 3 seconds
  • Foreign Languages: no foreign languages on the page (e.g. no Dutch on a Danish page)
  • Language consistency: make sure the same terms are used throughout the page and site (e.g. ‘assets’ and ‘belongings’)
  • Images: should be relevant and not link to the image
  • Headings: use headings in html structure (H1 is the title, use H2 and further in the body)
  • Keyword density: did you use your keyword correct and with the correct density?
The details
  • Link attributes: should they open in new tab or not, and should they be follow or no follow
  • Image alt tags: use this website to check the alt tags for your images
  • Image title: make sure the title is containing the keyword
  • Meta title: use this website to check your meta descriptions and titles
  • Meta description: use the same website to check your meta description
  • Permalink: is the URL correct? Or does it look weird in any way (numbers, wrong language, etc.)
If you liked our page staging checklist, why don’t you take a look at our Resources Portal? If you need help with setting up your meta descriptions, we can do that too! Page staging checklist

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