Extremely high quality and informative texts

These texts should be about trending topics and be very interesting and exciting to read.  Having a ‘trending’ topic means that the article should be about current news and interesting for a certain target audience, e.g. the latest development of e-commerce, political affairs, the buzz about new products on the market, the state of the art of technology.  Your research should be up to date on specific issues and the writing should not be limited to facts that are common knowledge, in other words, general facts that can also be found simply by visiting Wikipedia.  Premium SEO articles must have a journalistic tone and an elaborate wording style.  Stylistically, this means that they should include for example metaphors, be intertextual and/ or have a certain tone (objective, witty with word play, formal business language, etc.). You do not necessarily have to cite your sources in the article itself but you should keep track of the sources of your information and be ready to state where you found your information should it be deemed necessary. Tip: know your target language’s most relevant newspapers, magazines, e-zines and online news sites.  Also the most reliable works/ websites of reference for language related questions; your written language should be impeccable.

Time management (research/ writing ratio)

You should spend approximately 50% of your time researching your topic and 50% on the writing itself.

HTML codes – internal links in Premium SEO Articles

It is highly probable that you will have to include internal links and HTML codes in your Premium SEO article.  Use given keyword(s) appropriately and don’t forget to take into account any details concerning the anchor text.  In order to learn how to add internal links, please visit the following HTML Link page to learn more.  Practice the creation of links on a Try it Yourself page if you need some exercise first.  If you need to refresh your knowledge of HTML, visit our HTML tutorial (headlines, tags and links) page. Always be ready to follow precise instructions about details the article should include!  These instructions can relate to tone/style, exact word count and HTML coding.

The Don’ts!

Writing about trivial or outdated  news Always make sure that the topic of your article is in the current news. Not knowing how to use HTML (e.g. for internal links) Do not forget to master the basics of HTML code!  


Do you know…

  • What the difference between Basic, Standard and Premium SEO articles is?
  • How to follow exact instructions and write articles according to the required different SEO article types: Basic, Standard, Premium?
  • Where to find online resources should you get stuck with a question about language?
  • How to include an internal link in your article?
  • Download articles from Dropbox for proofreading?
  • Use your Dropbox folder not from your internet browser but with your Explorer’s/ Finder’s browser?
  • How to create a Skype account and use it?

SEO article types

If you need help to answer the questions above, please visit our Resources page and our FAQs for Training Lessons to find more answers.

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