SEO tips for beginners: the most relevant basics about SEO

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If you find yourself wondering what SEO means, then you are in dire need of some SEO tips for beginners.  The abbreviation SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’.  But what does this exactly refer to?  A concise answer would be: SEO is the way to get the “word” out about your website.  The most popular tools for doing this are keyword research and link building. SEO tips for beginners

SEO tips for beginners – an introduction

Get an easy introduction into the world of SEO by checking out the questions and answers below.  If you can answer all three questions, you are good to go!  If you can’t, then these brief answers will give you some SEO tips for beginners.

1.  What is SEO and why do we use it?

SEO is used to give a website a better page ranking and influences the way search engines choose one site over the others.

2.  Who uses SEO?

Anybody who is interested in attracting internet traffic (i.e. visitors) to their website can use SEO.

3.  How can we apply SEO?

These are our most relevant SEO tips for beginners:
  • By using relevant keyword(s) in the web content.
  • Making sure that these relevant keywords are used appropriately: keywords only count in their given form.
  • By carefully editing any online content, e.g. using spell check to avoid typos, grammar mistakes, etc.
  • By following format rules.
  • Using the correct amount of keywords or keyword density: overdoing it will result in a flagged site!  The SEO recommended keyword density is 1.5%.  Also, using synonyms is strongly encouraged.  A 0.5% density of synonyms plus 1.5% density of keywords seems to be the magic SEO formula.
  • Writing a relevant SEO title and meta description and adhering to their respective format rules.

SEO tools

Various tools can be used to perform a keyword search, the most popular and user friendly being the Google Keyword Planner.  Now that you’ve sharpened your skill with these SEO tips for beginners, apply these to your website and wait for the SEO magic to start!   Other helpful links:

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