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As a freelance writer you don’t want to think too much about SEO. Frankly, it’s quite hard and confusing at times, and it doesn’t help your pay-check if you have to think about all the rules of writing great SEO content. Our training program teaches you the 7 on-page SEO essentials, making sure that you don’t waste any time anymore figuring out what you need to do to make your texts perfect.

Who should take this SEO training

Anyone who works with on-page SEO will benefit from taking this course, whether you’re a SEO writer, have your own (e-commerce) site or work as an SEO consultant.

Why did we start this SEO training course

Over the last years we have not only build up a lot of experience with SEO, but also looked at a lot of data. Our on-page SEO approach works – texts that we write generate 50-70% SERP boosts. We want to share this knowledge because:
  • As a writer, knowing the essentials will help you be more productive (=earn more money)
  • As a website owner, you will be able to generate more traffic (=earn more money)
  • As a SEO consultant, you will learn from our best-practices to help other succeed (=earn more money)
And monetizing your language assets is in our DNA.

The 7 on-page SEO essentials

  1. How to use Keywords that people look for
  2. Write Meta descriptions and meta titles that convert
  3. Write Headers that draw attention
  4. Use a WOW-introduction to entice the reader
  5. Use a Call-to-ACTION to close the deal
  6. Include Links to keep a spider happy
  7. Add some Alt tags to complement your pictures

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Copypanthers’ crowd of freelance writers and translators writes hundreds of thousands of words in 22 languages per week. Do you want to be part of our team providing SEO content to e-commerce sites and earn 100-200 EUR per week (paid weekly) with your language assets? Sign up in our job pool now and get started today.

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