Part 4 of our 7 on-page essentials SEO Training course.

What is a WOW-introduction?

The WOW-introduction is the first paragraph of our ‘standard SEO text’ that rocks your SERP 40-70%. It should grab the attention of your visitors and make them stay and read rest of the article. It’s all about story telling. In the beginning of the story you need to grab the attention of the listener; the hook line. You have about 175-200 words for that if you don’t get the reader attention by than you will never get it again. Failing to write an effective wow-introductions will cause your visitors to leave your page which will cause your bounce rate to go up but if you manage to succeed to grab the attention of the reader than half of the job is done.

How can I create WOW-effect?

This is the part of the text where (most) of your research comes in, spend 25% of your total time to write your SEO text on researching the WOW-introduction.
Take this amazing example for a page about “Egyptian language translation“:
Rumour has it, more than 100,000 slaves built the Great Pyramid in Giza over the course of 20 years. Lining the interior walls are thousands of hieroglyphics. It would take more than one Egyptian language translator and a couple of days to sift through all those hieroglyphics. Did you know that the ancient Egyptian language did not use punctuation and had over 700 characters? Imagine opening your translated content to see hundreds of drawings of stereotypical hieroglyphics such as cats and scarabs, and not a full stop in sight. You thought your language was difficult, but fortunately we think Egyptian Arabic language translating is a cakewalk.

Rules of writing good WOW-Introductions?

    1. The header has to stand out
    2. Use sentences that add value; no one likes reading ‘unnecessary’ words describing nothing (fillers)
    3. Relate to the purpose of the page; as in the example above, pyramids have nothing to do with Copypanthers however translating hieroglyphs makes a very clear link to what we do

Additional resources

Here is a link where you can get more information about the WOW-introduction.
Things you need to know to write effective WOW-introduction.

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